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design-led projects

Braille Ale

client. MONA (Moo Brew)

To launch on World Sight Day, MONA (the world’s most unique museum of art) wanted to create a beer for the audience that doesn’t usually get to appreciate it. The limited edition ale featured a hidden story about MONA founder David Walsh that only the visually impaired will get. 

braille canes 3c.jpg

deep rising

agency partner. Someone Sydney

A deep sea jelly creature? An issue or a movement getting bigger as it rises to the surface? A mushroom cloud symbolising impact? For the Deep Rising impact campaign, alerting the world to the dangers of deep sea mining, we created a bold identity that is all of these things. 

Deep Rising Logo (Blue).png
Flag 01.jpg
Posters 01.jpg


agency partner. Likeminded Studio

To create a new brand identity for sound production company, Noise International, we experimented to see what ‘Noise’ looks like. The outputs created were a series of ’Soundflakes’, unique voiceprints that inform the design response.

Homer Hudson

agency/client. The Monkeys

A big team effort to create a playful relaunch and rebrand for the iconic 

US-ified Aussie ice cream.

Screenshot 2023-07-12 at 9.22.46 am.png
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